Kate Moss poses nude with matador in latest photoshoot
Kate Moss has yet again proven that she is not shy when it comes to modeling, as she wears just a cape to cover her nudity in her latest photoshoot for Spanish Vogue.

The world-famous supermodel graces the front cover of the magazine and poses nude alongside famous matador Jose Mari Manzanares, the Daily Mail reported.

The spectacular shoot immortalises items famously associated with Spain and was shot by the equally famous photographer Mario Testino.

Moss graces the front cover wearing a black hairnet, which is an item often worn by Spanish women following a bereavement.

The image is particularly powerful as Moss gazes at the camera looking forlorn with her lips slightly parted.

Another image shows the model stretched out on a chaise longue, in which she appears to be entirely naked with her breasts on display.

There is just a matador’s red cap protecting the 38-year-old’s modesty, and Manzanares posing beside.

Manzanares, who is known for fighting the most runs in the history of the sport, appears in traditional bullfighting attire, although his shirt is undone, revealing his toned body underneath.

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