Tezz: Swift indeed!

The movie ‘Tezz’ does exactly what it actually promised. From the trailers, it was pretty easy to guess that the film would be an action-packed adventure thriller and indeed it hasn’t let movie fans down even a bit. It is the perfect amalgamation of exhilarating moments and vehement speed.

Priyadarshan’s brainchild does not leave any moment for viewers to breathe. The movie offers a heavy dose of adrenaline rush to its viewers.

The film is stuffed with moments of panic where each fraction of a second counts. One need to keep the eyes glued to the screen, if you even pause to blink, you might just miss a bullet train meeting with an accident!

Boasting of an ensemble cast with Action King Ajay Devgn in the lead role, viewers couldn’t have asked for more. Accepted that Ajay has many action movies to his credit, but he has delivered a fabulous performance in ‘Tezz’.

Anil Kapoor’s visibility on screen might be dripping with a fake accent, but the actor has performed pretty well considering the fact that he appears to repeat his tricks and actions over and over again.

Kangana Ranaut is as synthetic (as she always is) and any hope of anything different from her would be a disaster.

Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy’s background story is just that demoted to the background. That part could have done with a bit of revelation. Sameera Reddy, however, looks good in something other than mindless comedy.

Avika Gor is brilliant as Boman Irani’s daughter and Boman Irani doesn’t disappoint. The numerous tussles involving Anil and Ajay are too many and too frequent. The movie could have done without so many uncalled-for moments.

Mallika Sherawat does her bit to set the tenor of the film by shaking her booty in a desi club song, ‘Laila…seetiyaan’!

Shot at beautiful locations across England, ‘Tezz’ scores high thanks to its brilliant photography. The visuals are at par with international standards. The action in the film is thrilling. The car stunts and chase sequences are all picturised with meticulous attention to detail.

Apart from negative points, the chase sequences in the film are brilliantly shot and the cinematographer deserves a big round of applause.

Remarks: The abundance of thrilling moments keeps the viewer enticed all through the film.

Watch ‘Tezz’ for action, power and adrenaline!

Ratings: Three and half points for this one!

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