Hate Story: Adult-rated thriller!

A film that has created a buzz all over the nation for its steamy and sexual content, ‘Hate Story’ is India’s first official erotic thriller claims director Vivek Agnihotri.

When you talk about erotica so openly in India, be assured that most of the bold scenes are cut and chopped off from it, courtesy the Censor Board!

It has created a vociferous buzz and grabbed eyeballs off late owing to its salacious content.

Synopsis: The movie is based on real life instances which believe that the only truth is hatred. Although we do talk about love and peace, in reality but everyone is trying to sort out issues that relate to violence, hatred and revenge.

Story: The story of the film revolves around Kaavya (Paoli Dam) and her transformation from a simple middle class journalist to a sex worker and her revenge where she is exploited both professionally and sexually. Thus begins the journey of hatred and brutal revenge.

This affects everyone around Kaavya, including her family and her best friend who secretly loves her and different people coming in the path of her expedition.

Nikhil Dwivedi, the almost forgotten hero of tinsel town returns as Vicky, the rejected friend of Kavya who sticks to her in her good and her bad times but lacks the guts to convey his innate feelings to her. The film can be referred to the Indianised version of ‘Basic Instinct’.

Despite the decision of High Court of banning the ‘Hate Story’ posters featuring Paoli in sensual positions calling them ‘revealing and too bold for the Indian audience’, the craze to watch it is all intact.

In a male dominating society where Men are known to dominate over Women, here comes a definitive yet calculated move from Vikram Bhatt.

Gulshan, earlier seen in films like ‘DUM MAARO DUM’ and ‘SHAITAN’ is a talent to watch out for. He plays the anti-hero with gusto.

Nikhil is the sole character that’s positive while the other characters are either negative or have shades of grey.

Mohan Kapur is efficient, Joy Sengupta leaves a mark, Saurabh Dubey is excellent, Iravati is wasted and Bhairavi Goswami appears in a cameo.

On the whole, this is a film screened out the power of a woman, a woman who is dangerously sexy and revengeful!

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