‘Bittoo Boss’: Better Luck next time!

After entertaining us through movie ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ which gave an insight into urban relationships, the makers’ new venture, ‘Bittoo Boss’ narrates the love story of a videographer.


There’s no denying that the look and feel of 'Bittoo Boss' reminds us of Yash Raj's pleasant outing 'Band Baaja Baaraat' towards the first half only.


The backdrop (wedding) is similar, so is the location of North India. The similarities don't end there!


The lead man in ‘Bittoo Boss’ (Pulkit Samrat) actually resembles as a far-flung relative of Bittoo, the character Ranveer Singh portrayed in 'Band Baaja Baaraat'.


But when viewed in whole, ‘Bittoo Boss’ is not a replica of ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ or ‘Tanu Weds Manu’!


‘Bittoo Boss’ has a fascinating plot. It is skillfully crafted rom-com with flesh-and-blood characters but what one gets to watch are comic strips.


The flaws lies in its disjointed and inconsistent screenplay, even the love story lacks spark and the drama lacks the power to influence you.


One expects the story to toss surprises but the episodes are so immature and monotonous that it tests your patience after a point.


The few charming moments are the ones between Pulkit Samrat and his assistant in Shimla but sadly the film roves in its concluding stages yet again.


The soundtrack (Raghav Sachar) is mediocre. The most striking attribute of the enterprise is its cinematography, with the DOP doing a superior job.


Story: Amita Pathak tutors Pulkit in humdrum things like financial stability and monetary gains. And the besotted lover goes all the way to prove his love for his lady. Smitten in love and stung by his love, Bittoo tries a shortcut to money and fame. He is lured into the trap called ‘shortcut’ and the guy slips into the gulf of the unethical activity.


Characters: After enjoying prominence on TV, Pulkit Samrat makes his big screen debut with ‘Bittoo Boss’. He acts competently and gets ample scenes to prove his prowess. In fact, he injects a huge dollop of zing in the show.


Amita Pathak is decent but is referred to the backseat in the post-interval portions. The actor who enacts the part of the driver turned Pulkit's manager in the second hour is really amusing. Mohan Kapur is okay while Rajinder Sethi doesn't get much to do.


Remarks: ‘Bitto Boss’ is not at all compelling. We would suggest investing your precious time and bucks in some something worthwhile!


Ratings: Better luck next time!

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