Kavita Radheshyam files police complaint !

Mumbai-based model, anchor and actress Kavita Radheshyam has filed a complaint with the Goregaon Police Station asserting that several photographs of hers ostensibly showing her in the nude or topless are morphed and fake. As a result of which she is has been getting vulgar and crank calls at odd hours. Says Kavita, “I am not very internet savvy and I hardly even check my email or Facebook. My former manager and publicist used to manage my Facebook and do my email. It is true that one year ago I had done a bold shoot for an NGO. There was only one photograph or image which had me posing in front of mirror. However, it has come to my notice that several topless and nude photographs have been floating around for the last one year. In fact, even my PR was unaware of this fact and presumed that the bold photographs were clicked by me earlier.

When I confronted my publicist, he said that there were at least 10 variations of the photographs floating around on the internet on various websites. That is when I checked the internet in the presence of my publicist and found that photographs which I had never clicked have made their appearance on several well-known and prominent websites. I even reprimanded my publicist for using photographs from the internet without confirming with me. I was really hurt and saddened that a well-known and reputed website like Miss Malini would use language like “and shows her b**bs. Come on those photographs are not mine and were never clicked by me. They have been floating around websites for the last one year. How can Malini Agarwal who is a senior journalist use words like “shows her b**bs”. This statement of the website has outraged my modesty and I have filed a complaint with the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Goregaon-Malad Zone on 8 November. I had earlier registered an NC (non cognizable complaint) at the Aarey Road Police station against vulgar and threatening calls in the same matter.

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