Jism 2: Sexilicious!

Ratings: **

Good: The tantalizing skin show and the music.

Bad: The flat storyline.

Verdict: Watch the flick only for Sunny Leone.

The most hyped and awaited movie, Jism 2 releases today. And to everyone surprise, the movie doesn’t get the response as was expected!

Yes, the storyline is out and out gonzo or flat.

Izna (Sunny Leone) is a porn star who gets recruited by Intelligence Agency officer Ayaan (Arunoday Singh). Ayaan’s boss (Arif Zakaria) explains that Izna’s mission is to get close to rogue officer Kabir (Randeep Hooda), who was once Izna’s boyfriend.

As per the officers, Kabir once worked with them and turned betrayer. So, now they don’t just want to kill him up but to end the entire fuss created by him in the agency. They are in quest of some pivotal data which Kabir has with him.

Izna agreed to assist the agency and headed to live in his neighborhood in Sri Lanka. Ayaan pretends to be her fiancé.

Initially Kabir denies recognizing her but later he falls in with her Jism. Kabir doubts Izna but still asks her to marry Kabir as this is the part of their mission.

The remaining story constitutes all exclusive skin show by the popular yet sizzling siren, Sunny Leone. Mahesh Bhatt just keeps the basic ingredients to make a prose. Not much of the script or story make sense, but they’re just scenes for letting Sunny Leone do what she does best.

The only strange question arises in everyone’s mind is why an Intelligence Agency hires a porn star! They can even appoint a hacker or plunder or any other.

Kabir has a friend/guard who protects him all the time. But when Ayaan sneaks into his house and hijacks his laptop, his guard is conveniently missing. And obviously, the Sri Lankan government isn’t bothered when Kabir guns down half a dozen people there. And that’s probably just down the initial 20 minutes.

The plot turns downright stupid at some places like when Ayaan’s boss yells at his heartbroken subordinate, “Agar mujhe cancer hotey huey main ye kar sakta hu, to tum kyu nahi?!” That’s 2 seconds after this cancer-patient boss is thrusting a syringe down his arm. What has that got to do with the plot?

Sunny smooches Randeep a few moments later, so you can forget about it. The dialogues are alright. There’s an oil-massage scene, one near a pool, a semi-strip etc. these should keep the male audiences happy.

Sunny Leone can barely act. Most of her scenes involve her to accentuate her ample bosoms. The tough-officer-in-love does not suit Arunoday Singh and he ends up with unintentionally funny expressions on his face in the emotional scenes.

Randeep Hooda is quite good as Kabir, but he mouths too many dialogues. Arif Zakaria is a joke as Arunoday’s superior.

Pooja Bhatt has done a very good job as the director. The movie looks good and doesn’t disappoint those who’ve come to watch Sunny.

Vicky Goswami, Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Mithun Sharmav’s music is excellent. Maula and Yeh Jism songs stand out. Editing by Devendra Murdeshwar is alright. Nigam Bomzan’s cinematography is beautiful!

Sunny Leone is a treat to watch. She captivates the viewers through her sexy body!

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