KSKHH:'Adult'erated Comedy

Ratings: ****

Everyone is aware that movie contains adult jokes and most of them thought that jokes must be borrowed from simply SMS forwards or school time. But this is not true. The jokes are fresh and entertaining. Regards to ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum’ that comes up with new comedy style. It helps the viewers to refresh their minds with hilarious scenes and gags.

The movie stars Ritesh Deshmukh and Tusshar Kapoor as the lead actors with names Adi and Sid respectively. The couple of actresses are Neha Sharma and Sarah Jane Dias. They are playing the roles of Simi and Anu. Two brothers Adi and Sid are leading struggling life in Mumbai. They both are shown unlucky and all the time they create hilarious problems. Hoping for a big break in films, Adi is working in disgraceful teleshopping ads.

Sid is a DJ whish is normally read as Hard ‘Dicks’ Jockey. He works for Guajarati-gone-wild parties. He is having a pet pug and its name is ‘Suckru’.

Getting tired with his struggling life, he goes to an astrologer who tells him that his (Adi’s) life will change when a girl with name starting from ‘S’ will fall in love with him. He meets Simi and awfully falls in love with her.

With in a short time of meetings, he offers her for marriage. But Simi rejects the proposal by identifying herself to be a lesbian.

By this time, Sid gets an opportunity to set his DJ for a fashion show. Anu, a model, is walking on the ramp and suddenly the disc gets stuck. This distracts Anu and she becomes the victim of wardrobe malfunction sensation.

Further, Sid comes to know about Adi proposal to Simi. Adi gives a diamond to impress her. That diamond belongs to pug, Suckru and Sid decides to get that back at any cost. He follows Adi and Simi to Goa. Anupam Kher is portrayed as Anu’s father. He is juggled by Baba 3G.

Simran and Anu are friends and are present in Goa as well. The story has some twists. Along with sex comedy and hilarious scenes, a little touch of emotional scenes is also there.

If you all really want to laugh and enjoy the fresh jokes, must rush to near by theatres and take full advantage of the film. Also, the movie is given A-certificate. Only adults are allowed to watch it.

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