Aamir Khan: Master of All Trades!

From “Papa Kehte Hain” to “All izz well”, the man keeps stepping up to the success. It’s none other than Aamir Khan who has rocked the Hindi cinema with his immense and unmatchable talent. Adorably known as Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir started his career as a child artist from the 1970’s hit Yaadon Ki Baraat. Interestingly, he has been titled as a tennis champion of Maharashtra while he was in school.

His love life begins at the age of 21 with Reena. After topsy-turvy conditions he got married to her. But this relation didn’t go so far and In December 2005, Aamir gets married to his girlfriend, Kiran Rao.

The actor is surely blessed with some magical skills and talent which proves that he can safely play any kind of roles. Whether it’s a comedy, romance or action, Aamir always made his producers and fans proud! One of the major attribute constitutes his habit of doing one movie per year which results in making the flick a blockbuster hit!

Be it Ghajini or 3 Idiots, Aamir has given his cent percent efforts and time. Even his producers feel comfortable to sign the suave actor at any cost he demands.

His flicks likes of Ghajini and 3 Idiots cracked all the previous records and became the highest-grossing Hindi movies making Aamir Khan one of the richest actors of Indian Cinema.

47-year-old actor born as Aamir Hussain Khan in Mumbai city has gain popularity as a director, producer, actor and also as a writer. He succeeds in all the fields because of his hard work and dedication.

In every movie, he comes up with different looks. From one movie to another, he has complete change in his makeover. He moves with new trends and fashion. He looks smart and handsome in all the looks.

Besides the world of glamour, he is a simple and social worker. He feels shamed on the Indian society that makes the lives of poor and middle class families miserable. To make the people and government aware and inspire them to take steps for their right, the debonair has entered the television world via show named Satyamev Jayte.

Through this series, he introduces various challenges that are faced by today’s India and ask the people and government to work for its improvement. He is working as our Desi Oprah!

He is honoured by different names by his fans and lovers. The Time Magazine has entitled him as Indian ‘Sean Penn’. Also, he receives the Padma Bhushan India’s third highest Civil Honour in the year 2010 by the Indian Government.

He receives blessing from entire country. His works, on and off screen, are worth praising and inspiring.

His one of the famous quote, “I enjoy the love I receive from my fans and my audience. But I think I know what is real for me and what is not.”

It reflects his simplicity, devotion and passion towards his work and nation! We are proud to have you Aamir! Stay Blessed…

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