Rakhtbeej: Stupid mistake!

Director: Anil Balani

Producer: Jyoti Prabha Srivastava

Music Director: Satish Tripathi

Cast: Maanas Srivastava, Sayantani Nand, Sanjay Gagnani, Rajesh Khattar, Tinu Anand, Rakhi Sawant

Ratings: 1/5

Rakhtbeej is one such film you laugh at (not with). You can watch it with your pals and popcorn.

Ghastliness aside, flick is full of gaffes.

Story: Abhay Jatav (Maanas) is Beehad's top dacoit. But his gang's composed of baby-faced criminals, including dakoo ‘Chabila’ who's gay. His son Ajay (Maanas again – hail the double role) is a valiant CEO trapped in conspiracies.

The story revolves around these two men Abhay Jatav and Ajay who have entirely different lives. However, the turn of events make them cross each other’s path often.

Abhay Jatav is from a humble background, but he ends up becoming one of the most dreaded gangsters in Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, Ajay’s fate takes him to the position of the CEO of Dabral Group of Industries.

Sarita (Manasi Dovhal) is Abhay’s love interest, but her position in Abhay’s life loses its value when Abhay falls in love with a simple village girl Poonam.

Similar things are happening with Ajay too who prefers supermodel Priya over Sanjana, the daughter of the chairman of Dabral Group of Industries.

Abhay finds an enemy in Maya Singh while Dharam does the same to Ajay. Now, the two men are in a trap where they are surrounded by politicians, police, and dacoits. The life becomes a test of friendship and relationships for them.

The film can’t boast of established stars, so the item number by Rakhi Sawant is its biggest attraction but that too is marked as average!

The movie is nothing short than ‘a sheer wastage of time’!

Views : 333

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