Love Recipe: Torture! Torture!

Warning: Watch this one only if you are interested in imposing torture upon yourself!

A sloppy script, an amorphous storyline and dull dialogues make this movie a perfect example of a project that was undertaken in order to torture people mentally.

The movie is loaded with wretched dialogues and outmoded songs. Also, he dared to introduce different angle in this empty-headed flick which revolves around the decollated head of a criminal. The torture begins after it’s been declared that an inflated amount of fifty crores will be entrusted to the person who finds the rogue dead or alive.

The film collapses the moment it begins!

The actors resort to overplaying their characters so as to make us laugh forcefully. The lead pair Sohail Karim and Rani Agrawal need to sharpen their acting skills and we suggest they opt for a better director the next time around!

Since this onscreen couple is in deep love with each other, the one person who’s not exactly in favour of the relationship is the heroine’s dad (as expected). He’s against the idea of his daughter choosing a husband who has been raised in a modern way. Obviously the hero leaves no stone unturned to impress his lover’s father.

And in the process he’s joined by his girlfriend’s brother, who tries equally hard to introduce his foreigner sweetheart to his conservative dad. But as Papa refuses to move, the hero’s father comes to the rescue, despite the fact that he’s miles away from all the hullabaloo. As he gives an eye-opening speech on Skype, his thought-provoking lecture renders the girl’s parents speechless and melts their hearts.

Amidst all this commotion, the decapitated head becomes the root cause of everyone’s misery in the movie. And how the whole gang deals with the confusion is what the rest of this no-brainer is all about. Suzanne Bernert and veteran actor Darshan Jariwala done a good job and are the only ones who don’t go overboard when it comes to acting.

We suggest you to please don’t waste your hard-earned moolah on such a messed up Love Recipe!

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